FAQs live music

FAQsHere are some of the frequently asked questions that we are asked about live music. Please do ask about  anything that may concern you.

Will live music be loud enough?

Flute and Harp is fairly loud and is fine for around 120 guests singing hymns. If you have more than 120 guests then you could consider a trio or quartet with cello to boost volume! Please contact Sue on 07801 801910 for a quote on a Trio or Quartet.

Where can you Play?

Anywhere really – within reason. We don’t need power, so castles, lochsides and boats are all possible, as long as access to these locations is straight forward. A harp is heavy and can be difficult to manoeuvre. For castles or venues with narrow staircases we would use the small Scottish harp (Clarsach) as the harp would get stuck!

Can you play outside?

Yes as long as it is at least 16 °c, and not wet or windy. If it looks like there is a threat of rain then we are happy to play under shelter or in a doorway of French windows, so that the harp is protected. Moisture has an effect on all instruments therefore it is important that we keep them dry. Wind will cause some instruments a problem, the harp may produce a melody of its own…..

Can you play requests?

Yes, we are very happy to arrange / learn your favourite piece of music and play it at no extra cost.